“I have known & worked with, “Conejo Valley Repair & Termite” for numerous years. Mr. Brian Davis, the proprietor, has not only become a good friend over the years, I have also gotten to know the family. For a couple of years we lived next door to each other. Brian has done much wood work & repairs for me also several termite inspections & treatments. The work & friendly relationship is ongoing. Brian is a very dependable, soft spoken gentleman. I recommend Brian and his workers for all termite repair as well as new construction projects.”

H.K. Hoenigsberg – Ventura

Conejo Valley Wood Repair & termite has worked diligently for the past 13 years to give Ventura County residents the best quality work & service possible. With a professional team of 30 years combined experience and using top quality products that will withstand our environment, like they say “they don’t make it like they use to” well here at Conejo Valley Wood Repair & Termite we do! A truly one stop shop for all your termite control needs.






“Brian and his crew do amazing work and they are the best at what they do. We had a ton of termite repair that needed to be done and they worked tirelessly to take care of it all. Even went above and beyond. We also had them replace an old exterior garage door. They were amazing. I would recommend them for wood and termite repair.”

Margaret H – Camarillo

“I highly recommend Brian Davis and Conejo Valley Termite repair. Brian has done several jobs at my home. He was originally hired to fix termite damage to fascia boards but went the extra mile by doing repair work to my roof. He replaced unnoticed broken tiles and cleared gutters because he saw that it needed to be done. I trust Brian and his team to get the job done right. He is very nice person and as a bonus there was no loud music. When I need help I call Brian and I recommend him to my friends and neighbors.”

Charlene Anderson – Westlake

“Once again thank you for your professionalism. Although I cannot be present to see your extraordinary technical competence, the e-mail pictures help a lot.”

Cat Urbes – Minnesota